Field Report- Verbal Game, Talking about Ghosts

It’s Saturday night, and this was my first weekend going out after taking a break from game. Usually the winter in New York sucks for going out. This weekend, my wing and I finally found an exclusive club in New York that had a great ratio. We had to come in early and we were able to get in.

This is a short post to talk about something funny that I tried. The venue is in an old building, it reminded me of Victorian era England. Anyways, I was a little in my head, and the first set I opened, was a group of two girls, it ended up getting a little more complicated as another girl and a guy showed up. I hate opening mixed sets, or large groups, as I usually have to entertain the entire group, while trying to subtly neg, and escalate on my target. This is much more difficult than just gaming one girl or two girls with my wing. But I didn’t wanna leave right away, and the girls were giving me tons of IOI’s. Anyways, I knew a little bit about the Mystery Method and how he used to entertain large groups.

I started talking about how I believed the place was haunted, that there are a couple of ghosts lurking around and that I could possibly channel them, under the right circumstances. (I obviously have no idea if the place is actually haunted, it just had the vibe). The girls were really interested, the dude was chody and didn’t engage me much, so I kept going. The girls wanted to learn more about the spirits and the history of the venue. I told them about ‘Bill The Butcher’, that he ruled the streets of New York (pre-prohibition era) and would murder many of the gangs that got in his way- this is all based on the non-fiction book & movie Gangs of New York (one of my favorite movies). I told the girls that most of the murders occurred around what was called ‘the five points district’ back then, in lower Manhattan. And that some of the spirits that were murdered during that time, still lurk the streets of New York and refuse to leave the physical plane. Due to the trauma they experienced, they remain attached to the old buildings were they lived.

Anyways, all of this is total bullshit, but the girls loved it. The whole point of this post, is that verbal game is all about your vibe, it doesn’t matter what you say to the girls… It’s really all about the sub-communication, the passion you have (I love talking about weird paranormal shit), and your vibe. Girls wanna be part of that. When you’re talking to girls, abandon all logic, talk about what you find amusing and what you’re passionate about instead; most importantly, be congruent and have fun!

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