The Three Rules for Beginners in Game

As mentioned in the What Attracts Women post, an alpha male knows what he wants and goes for it. He walks up to the girl, stands in front of her, doesn’t break eye contact, and has good non-apologetic vocal projection.

If you’re just starting out, these are the three areas that I would highly recommend you focus on when you approach: body language, vocal projection, and eye contact.

Body Language

Body language can not only show how you’re feeling but also affect your attitude. If you consciously display confident and relaxed body language, you will feel confident and relaxed- they have done studies on this, see this ted talk. Body language can change the way we feel.

Your body language should say ‘I’m opening you, and I’m not afraid of the awkwardness’. If you open and your body language is weird or creepy and you look uncomfortable, the girl will jut walk away or reject you. You need to be confident. Yet, still be aware of calibration, and take a step back if needed. If you’re walking with her, walk a couple steps ahead, so you don’t look like you’re following her. If she’s siting down, lean against something and chat over your shoulder. The more you get into these situations, the more you’ll figure out what works best. The most important rule is to be aware of your body language, especially if you’re just starting out in game, or if it’s early in the night and you’re not warmed up.

Eye Contact

This is the most important part of your game. Girls are screening for your confidence, sincerity, how real you are, and if you’re congruent. You need to hold eye contact, and take the pressure off. It’s ok, if you suck at verbal game, just keep holding eye contact. It doesn’t matter what you say.  If you a girl makes eye contact with you, while you’re walking on the street, or at a restaurant etc. hold it, let her break eye contact first. If she makes eye contact with you at a bar or club, approach!

Vocal Projection

This is the third rule. Be aware of your vocal projection. Talk from your belly. If a girl has to spend energy to try to listen to you, she won’t. Force her to listen by talking loud, and with confidence. Watch for your vocal tonality. You need to have a breaking tonality. Don’t go up at the end with your voice like you’re seeking validation.

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