Catching the Big Fish- Thoughts & Comments


Catching the Big Fish is quite short, it’s a 2 hour audio-book, read by David Lynch. He discusses how he directs his movies, the thought processes behind his art, and how he uses transcendental meditation daily. I am not a fan of, nor have I used TM myself, but I think all meditation is useful, and I looked past the technique mentioned here. I really enjoyed this audio-book, as I think meditation is the most important activity that can change your life. I’m also a big fan of David Lynch and his work. Some of my favorite movies are directed by […]

Useful Books on Game Techniques

If you like to read, here are some additional books that will teach you useful game techniques. These are not really necessary for you to become successful, but they will give you some tools that you may find useful in certain situations. Remember you’re not going to learn from any book. You need to be constantly going out, and trying different techniques. I find inner game books much more important than technique. Once you have the basics, the rest you will learn by going out. You can also probably watch tons of infield videos on youtube and learn whatever technique […]

Must Read Books if You’re Starting off in Game

no more mr nice guy cover

Let’s face it, if you are starting off in game, you’re probably not a natural with women. You probably found the pick up community because you may have some self-esteem issues, anxiety, or some inner game problems (we all did to some extent). I would strongly recommend reading the three books below, make it part of your pick up journey. You can read them while you are going out. No More Mr. Nice Guy – Dr Robert Glover The ‘nice guy’ syndrome is pretty common in our society. If you are a nice guy, the book will be a bit disconcerting […]