Women’s Default Response

girl walking

If you are going to be walking up and approaching women, you need to be aware that by default they will barely give you a response, or in some cases they will give you shit. Here are some ways to deal with their default response. Always assume the burden of the interaction. The approach is on you, the girl will not give you anything the first few minutes, you need to ramble and lead the conversation. Expect the girl to be distant, or to give you shit. If she’s not expecting to be opened, you will have caught her by surprise. […]

The Importance of Breaking Down Your Nights

If you are going out constantly, and you don’t feel like you’re making progress. You need to start breaking down your nights, self assessing your skills, without any attachment to your ego. When pick-up started in Hollywood, Mystery and his students believed that everything had a solution, and everything had to be field tested. They would stay up all night trying to figure out what they did wrong and how they can improve. They believed that every situation could be solved using the right technique. Today, this is not seen as a valid strategy, but the dedication they put into […]

The Three Rules for Beginners in Game

As mentioned in the What Attracts Women post, an alpha male knows what he wants and goes for it. He walks up to the girl, stands in front of her, doesn’t break eye contact, and has good non-apologetic vocal projection. If you’re just starting out, these are the three areas that I would highly recommend you focus on when you approach: body language, vocal projection, and eye contact. Body Language Body language can not only show how you’re feeling but also affect your attitude. If you consciously display confident and relaxed body language, you will feel confident and relaxed- they have done […]

How to Vibe With Any Girl

Structure of Verbal Game (Vibing) Verbal Game = chody (or comfort talk) + emotional spikes (negative and positive). The above is pretty straight froward, follow the formula and the girl’s emotions will be with you. Comfort talk is basically an exchange of information. ‘Hello, I’m a yoga instructor’. Use it so you guys get to know each other, and she feels comfortable with you. Don’t talk to her in interview mode. It’s ok to ask a few questions, but try to make statements instead, and actually get to know her. Remember, the girl is out at a club/bar to have […]

The Two Hook Points in Any Interaction

Vibing is the key to getting a girl attracted to you. This mainly comes down to two points in the interaction that you need to reach: the ‘social hook point’ and the ‘sexual hook point’. The Social Hook Point At first, you need to reach the ‘social hook point’. This means that the girl understands that you’re not a creep, you’re a normal guy who’s not afraid to approach. This can be reached with any girl. Remember at this point, she doesn’t think you’re interested in her. She’s just having a nice conversation with you. Tips to reach the social […]

Dealing With Her Friends

Guess What? Her friends are going to decide if you’re cool, if you’re allowed to go with her/pull her, and if she can give you her number. Remember, every girl’s entire social status rests on her friends. She will not upset them, and if they drag her away, she will happily comply (unless you are Leonardo DiCaprio). This is why it’s so much easier to pick-up a girl when her friends are not around, and this is why you need to isolate her. Her SD (slut defense) will be up, if her friends are around. Before I get into this […]

How to Number Close

The best way to really increase your odds at success is to number close every set. You also need to follow up with a second date. I found this more difficult in NY, but much much easier in Europe. I did not try to number close in other cities in the U.S, as I have been going for the pull lately. But nevertheless, number closing is a solid tactic, if you’re new to cold approach. You should experiment with it and see if it works in your city. If you’re gaming in NY, you need to know that girls are […]

Must Read Books if You’re Starting off in Game

no more mr nice guy cover

Let’s face it, if you are starting off in game, you’re probably not a natural with women. You probably found the pick up community because you may have some self-esteem issues, anxiety, or some inner game problems (we all did to some extent). I would strongly recommend reading the three books below, make it part of your pick up journey. You can read them while you are going out. No More Mr. Nice Guy – Dr Robert Glover The ‘nice guy’ syndrome is pretty common in our society. If you are a nice guy, the book will be a bit disconcerting […]

On Indicators of Interest – IOIs

Indicators of Interest- or IOIs, as the pick up community calls them, are very subtle hints girls will give you. These usually mean that the girl’s emotions are aroused, and that she wants more of your masculine energy. They also indicate that the girl is interested or attracted to you. Girls will rarely verbalize attraction (it happens but not often). Their emotions come out in terms of subtle IOIs, you need to look at their body language and the sub-communications. Here are some examples The universal make out sign: she looks at you, then she looks at your lips (unless […]

On Rejection

If you’re starting off with game, you need to look forward to rejections. They need to be part of your reality. For the first 6 months, you should be getting tons and tons of rejections, maybe one or two make outs, maybe even a lucky pull. But for the most part, you should be experimenting with different techniques, getting rejected and learning from your mistakes. Rejection is the only way to learn. Fearing rejection is an evolutionary tool. When we lived in tribes, getting rejected from the tribe meant death, as the tribe was our only means of survival. Nowadays, […]