Women’s Default Response

girl walking

If you are going to be walking up and approaching women, you need to be aware that by default they will barely give you a response, or in some cases they will give you shit. Here are some ways to deal with their default response. Always assume the burden of the interaction. The approach is on you, the girl will not give you anything the first few minutes, you need to ramble and lead the conversation. Expect the girl to be distant, or to give you shit. If she’s not expecting to be opened, you will have caught her by surprise. […]

The Three Rules for Beginners in Game

As mentioned in the What Attracts Women post, an alpha male knows what he wants and goes for it. He walks up to the girl, stands in front of her, doesn’t break eye contact, and has good non-apologetic vocal projection. If you’re just starting out, these are the three areas that I would highly recommend you focus on when you approach: body language, vocal projection, and eye contact. Body Language Body language can not only show how you’re feeling but also affect your attitude. If you consciously display confident and relaxed body language, you will feel confident and relaxed- they have done […]

On Verbal Game

If you’re running out of things to say, you’re taking pick-up way too seriously. It doesn’t really matter what you say- for the most part. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it Use story-telling paint pictures in her head talk about your feelings subtle DHV, if possible Girls are emotional beings. You need to be emotional, abandon all logic! Talk about your feelings and emotions when you tell stories. Always elaborate, paint pictures in her head, describe things, and give emotion to your words. In your early ramble, you need to talk as much as you can. […]

On Body Language

Probably, the most important aspect of early game is body language. If you’re getting consistently blown out, set after set. You’re probably coming off as creepy, either through body language, vocal tonality or both. To have a confident body language, you need to feel comfortable. The girl must feel like you approach girls at bars (or during the day) on a regular basis and you feel totally at ease doing it. Start by taking the pressure off yourself. As soon as you hook the set, you need to make it look like you two are friends talking to each other. […]

On Opening

Direct vs. Indirect Obviously when you go direct, you’re giving her validation, but if you’re a noob, it’s a good way to show intention. Especially during day game. Once you go direct (or indirect for that matter), if you notice that the girl looks uncomfortable, verbalize it. Tell her that what you did may be kinda weird, then change the topic, keep rambling. 99% of the time, the opener doesn’t matter. It’s all about how you say it, your body language, vocal tonality, what you say after the opener, and if you pass the shit tests. Direct compliment + cold […]

On Approach Anxiety

High value girls (and most likely all girls) will not just magically appear in your life; you have to go out there and take action. You need to approach them- obviously at bars, clubs and night venues, but also during the day: when you’re commuting to work, grocery shopping, and even on the street. You are responsible and accountable for your actions. Go out there, approach, own your failures, and learn from them. If you make a mistake (no matter how embarrassing), don’t judge yourself, relax, just take a mental note of your failure and move on. Failure is wisdom. […]