The Basics

This page has all the basics you need to know about cold approach pick-up. It’s based on all the RSD videos I’ve watched and my personal experience in pick up, going out for a year: 3-4 nights a week, solo/with a wing, in the U.S and in Europe.

If you’re starting out, you need the basics, so go through these posts. The rest you will learn from going out. You need to be practicing this stuff daily, or at least 2-4 times a week.

The basic steps you need to follow are: open -> ramble -> hook and pass shit tests -> escalate and build comfort -> number close.

This is a work in progress, start with the first article and work your way down the list. Keep the above framework in mind, while you read these posts.

  1. Required Reading: Must Read Books if You’re Starting off in Game
  2. What Attracts Women
  3. On Approach Anxiety
  4. On Rejection
  5. On Opening
  6. On Body Language
  7. On Verbal Game
  8. The Two Hook Points in Any Interaction and How to Vibe With Any Girl
  9. On Shit Tests
  10. On Physical Escalation
  11. On Indicators of Interest – IOIs
  12. Dealing With Her Friends
  13. How to Number Close